rackers’ life tips: part 33

1. I’m finding, more and more often, that people feel as if they can speak with authority on the pricing structures of other peoples’ businesses. They have gotten so accustomed to big companies — who make their clothing overseas, often from big factories, sometimes who don’t even treat their staff well — and their pricing structure, that they fail to even factor in all the little things someone producing on a small scale has to deal with. If you don’t like someone’s prices, don’t buy their items.

2. Do something for your inner child today. Paint, draw, dance to fun songs. Tell them you love them.

3. Don’t let the ideas other people have of your life path stop you, or guilt you, from following what you truly want to do.

4. I still feel so much imposter syndrome when I share something new that I’ve made. So then I just post it anyway and push through it all. You should do the same.

5. I’m on a side of tik tok that is all about daily routines etc. I love the slow living/romanticising the little things side of it, but I am increasingly seeing people spout the old you need to get up early if you want to be successful.

This is not true!!! You can be successful on your own terms and figure out a routine that works for you! I have the most whacked sleeping pattern, which you’d know if you follow along, and I would consider myself successful. I have established rituals throughout my day, that get done at different times of the day, but it’s what works for me. I would literally hate everything if I was awake at 5am every day. Find what works for you.

6. On that note, start romanticising the little things in your day! The first taste of your coffee in the morning, the sunlight peaking through, the feeling of reading your book. It flicks the gratitude switch and honestly makes such a sweet difference.

7. Plants will literally make everything feel better. Go buy some.

8. It’s okay (even good) to not know how things are going to work out!!! Life rarely goes to plan anyway!!!

9. I can be so critical of my own face without makeup, especially when I’m tired and my skin has broken out. But I never look at my sisters and think they look bad in any way? I know their faces so well that it’s just that: their face. Existing on a vessel of someone I care deeply about. So if I’d never criticise them in that way, why am I doing it to myself? Why are you doing it to yourself?

10. My favourite piece of advice: don’t give up on something (or not start) because of how long it will take… the time will pass anyway.

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