this week at rackers co: pt 10

I think I need to make this a fortnightly thing because it honestly shocks and confuses me every time the end of the week rolls around again. Like didn’t I just write the wrap up for last week?

I have watched a lot of TV this week. Or… actually, I have watched the same amount of TV as usual, but I have been switching between shows rather than speeding my way through seasons of the same thing. A few have been my comfort shows, so I’m not sure they really count anymore because they are usually just on in the background. Mostly because I can’t deal with ~ too much silence ~ because then the thoughts are ~ too loud ~.

I also forgot how much I don’t like seasons 8-10 of Supernatural. Like literally just communicate with each other you pair of dingoes. Though with watching this and Gilmore Girls, I am reminded of how much I love Jared Padalecki. Bae.

I am too heavily influenced by Tik Tok; I started rewatching Gilmore Girls because one of the sounds from the show is trending. I started watching the show Psych because it was recommended in a Tik Tok, and she said if you’re a fan of shows like Brooklyn 99, Friends, Criminal Minds, New Girl, then you’d like this… and I was like? Was this made DIRECTLY for me?! I am also trying to make use of the multiple streaming services I have because I cancelled a few and they will end at the end of this month. Pls, why was I paying for five services when I pretty much only go between two??!

My dogs are cute as heck

I finished the book Writers & Lovers by Lily King and I really enjoyed it. I resonated with it a lot, so many aspects of the book felt like they mirrored my life. It is an easy read and I would definitely recommend to any budding writers or people freshly grieving; grief is perfectly captured in the prose.

I started on Know My Name by Chanel Miller and it is breaking my heart, but I can hardly put it down. I honestly think everyone needs to read it; for even the smallest understanding of a broken system, of victim blaming, of the healing journey for a victim.

Words written in my book: 0…

Words written as a poem: 41!

Sleeping pattern: Messed up again lol

Moved my room around to make my space feel ~ new ~. Isn’t it cute 🥰

Left the house: twice! Both Post Office trips lolol my life? Is uneventful.

ICYMI blog post: life tips pt 33

The most exciting part of the week — I got offered a place to do my Master of Counselling! I have been debating this for just about two years; pretty much as soon as I finished my degree. I kept putting it off because… studying again… and I felt like choosing a different career meant I was giving up on the one I am already pursuing. I love what I do but I have had the desire to help people through their grief ever since I started healing myself. So, porque no los dos?!

Go after what you want, trust your inner voice, and look after yourself x

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