this week at rackers co: pt 11

Do you ever get to the end of the week and genuinely wonder if you even achieved anything? I know I did, because I was busy through the week with custom illustrations and making orders – even (shock horror) leaving the house to go to the Post Office TWICE again! As well as designing, printing and making the new tees for this fortnight’s drop. But, it gets to Friday and I sit there just… baffled… wondering how the days passed and if I did anything at all. Though, here is the wrap up to prove that I did:

3 new tee designs! Some magical, eye-catching illustrations with hidden reminders for the wearer.


Plants bought: 1!

Times I left the house: 2! Once again, only post office visits; that is all my life is lol.

Words written in my book: 0… I sat down with it a few times and read through it, but… just didn’t add anything to it…

Words written for my novella & a poem: 305! At least I wrote some words!

I started watching Legacies the other week without realising it was a spin-off of The Originals… which is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. I thought I should start watching The Vampire Diaries (yes, very late to the game as with many of the other shows I’ve watched), but I was already too emotionally invested in Legacies to stop watching it. So then I got myself majorly confused while watching both. Should I go for the trifecta, start watching The Originals and confuse myself the most possible?

I have decided to get back into my meditation teaching, only at a slow pace. I took a step back because I was feeling stressed about it, was losing sight of my own meditation practice and was not finding any love in it anymore. So if I was feeling those things, of course they would come through the practice. I have used this time to focus purely on my creativity, and I have since started to implement more rituals into my every day; I feel much more in flow and content with existence. I will film some IGTV’s in the coming weeks, and the ultimate goal is to put some recordings on YouTube (…hopefully I get around to it eventually lolol), and some courses & recordings on the shop.

The Full Moon in Capricorn brought a time to release; I burned. A lot. Mainly around the idea that my life ‘could’ have been any different. I stood out in the freezing cold and meditated under the moon. Crazy, maybe? Incredibly content, yes.

The start of this month, I told myself that I needed to spend much less money. May was a very treat yoself month for my birthday, and I want to get back into saving money. And then… I spent a lot on new business things (coming soon!!!), and bought a Macbook Air! It has been on my goals list for so long, though, so I’m justifying it. And, you know… I needed new bed sheets with Bed Threads Winter Solstice sale… Anyway, I say this because I need to be held accountable. To save money from now because I want my own place lololol. Pls, hold me accountable. (Don’t, though, because I hate being told what to do).

Anyway!!! Stay safe out there!!! As always, look after yourself x

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