this week at rackers co: pt 12

Soulstice Being — self paced course
Soulstice Being, as a course, is designed to guide you in the art of being; without judgement for self, through acknowledging without reacting, and feeling without fear.
Mindset & Meditation eBook
The original Rackers Co Meditation Course, reworked into the form of an eBook to help you get back to yourself. The basics of mindfulness and meditation to help your introspection, getting in touch with your inner self, and serving all things you. This is the condensed version of the course – you can use these for reference and come back to them any time you feel it necessary! It is filled with the benefits of meditation, learnings & prompts to help your introspection.
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IGTV for checking in with your emotions

Words written: 2879. I have done so much writing!!! I have made it a goal to write around 500 words a day since I got back into it on Sunday and I have stuck to my word(s, haha).

Times I left the house: twice. Once for the Post Office, naturally. Once to get takeaway for dinner.

Plants bought: FIVE haha whoops. All beautiful herbs though! And to use to make some teas for a new self care series coming soon!

I have been indulging my inner child this week; Lizzie McGuire (watch the show & movie on Disney+!) and cleaning out the cubby house to make it all cute for a reading/creating nook!

I am now obsessed with The Vampire Diaries, as I always seem to get when I start to watch a new show. So much so that I have been dreaming about having a vampire boyfriend. Pls, I am a 27 year old woman… why am I being like a teenager lololol

Remember that time I illustrated a book cover for the beautiful Shona Gates?! Still one of my proudest jobs. I have been rereading it (Goodbye Money Guilt) to help rewrite my money story and mindset around money. (See: me wanting but not wanting to be held accountable lolol).

I have almost finished reading Know My Name by Chanel Miller. It is breaking my heart while simultaneously building my hope back up again. She is an incredible writer and I genuinely recommend this to everyone, in order to understand being a victim of sexual assault, with a system set up against victims.

I bought my textbooks for study to start again, and naturally, you know… had to buy some books for personal reading as well. I received The Success Experiment by Lillian Ahenkan (Flex Mami), and Who Gets to be Smart by Bri Lee (who also wrote Eggshell Skull, another important and heartbreaking read about sexual assault in the system – this one set in Australia). Beyond excited to get started on both of these books.


I have started receiving some wonderful supplies to make some new pieces for the upcoming jewellery collection, including sterling silver and steel pieces. Stay tuned @jewellerybyrackersco!

As always, look after yourself x

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