this week at rackers co: pt 13

Magic Mugs
Colour changing with the heat.

Words written: 183. Significantly less than last week, I lost my mojo!!! How do writers do it? Is it just the looming deadlines that make you finish a book? Is it simply self control? Where can I buy that?

Times I left the house: 3 whole times! Once again, for Post Office and food. Imagine a day when I leave the house for more than that again?

I am now at season six of The Vampire Diaries, and I completely see the Elena + Damon thing. It makes sense. I am still all about Stefan though, he is bae. But I love Damon too and it makes sense for him and Elena to be together!!! I am very much a Stefan + Caroline shipper. Also, season six Bonnie has been done so wrong?! (In general, they did Kat Graham wrong. I went down a reddithole and it has made me angry at the creators so I feel a little less love when I watch it now).

Plants bought: 1…

Fixed up the cubby house for a fun, non-work project and some inner child work. Honestly, in love. It is filled with all the things young me loved, like books, owls, flowers and travel things.

I have been working on some jewellery for the coming jewellery collection (next fortnight’s drop!). I am in love with the pieces coming in this collection; it may be my favourite one yet. The baby’s breath pendants are beyond beautiful! Keep up to date with the pieces coming over on my jewellery instagram:

Please read Know My Name by Chanel Miller. All of you. Everyone. Read it.
Also, I am only a few chapters in to A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing and I’m just… not enjoying it? I’ll keep reading because I don’t hate it, I’ll keep you updated. Pls let me know if you don’t think it will be worth it, or if it’s actually amazing. I dunno, maybe I’m just not in the right space right now to enjoy it and I should save it for another time?? WHO KNOWS.

Anyway. Love you all, look after yourself xxxxx

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