this week at rackers co: pt 14

Preorder The Hermit Sweater

only available on preorder, as I won’t be buying bulk sweaters. the preorder is open until 31st July – get in now for your chance to have this limited edition sweater! if you’re looking for just a comfy sweater, you can rep rackers co merch through here! beige sweaters are coming very soon thanks to our favourites at The Sweater Club ♥

I finished watching The Vampire Diaries this week. I sobbed for literally the whole last 20 minutes of the finale. I wasn’t looking forward to it, as you all know I am in love with Stefan (or Paul Wesley in general), but I think it was one of the best outcomes. RIP bae.

Left the house three times, one of those was for socialising! For the first time in two months lololol proud of myself.

I started study this week! The imposter syndrome is already sneaking in, lol. Literally questioning how smart I am while I am reading the textbooks or listening to the big words being used in the webinars, but I know I am. Throw that imposter syndrome in the bin! (Or, just, push through it because it will probably always be there). I need to get a relatively normal sleeping pattern again because I have morning webinars… do you think I watched them live this week? Of course not. Give me time.

Plant count: 17! Five more beautiful lil plants added to my collection from some wonderful friends!

Words written: 0. But I’m giving myself leeway because I started studying this month.

I tried blu-tacking my fake nails on because I need to easily take them off when I’m making things. It was not a good idea. Don’t try it.

Jewellery Collection launching next week! A bigger range than ever before with different forms (clay, resin, sterling silver metal, pearl etc etc).

Look after yourselves, angels x

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