this week at rackers co: pt 15

I have spent the past couple of months dreaming up these new pieces (and then the 48 hours before busting my ass cause I had ideas for even more new ones lolol). I say this every time, but I think this is my favourite one yet. She’s a whimsical, magical collection with butterflies and rainbows and clouds.

You know what’s not the smartest idea? Trying to read a textbook while watching Netflix. Did it anyway, lol. Did I take anything in from either the show or the reading? Take a guess.

Words written: 0.

Times I left the house: twice. As usual. To the Post Office and Woollies. As usual.

Sleeping pattern… will I ever be able to make it normal? I just watch the webinars later instead of being there on time, and I’ve been falling asleep about 5am. The most normal meal I had all week was stirfry one night. I eat lunch when everyone else is eating dinner. Pls. Functioning member of society and that.

I managed to watch a shitload of TV this week, mostly background noise while I was making jewellery for the new collection. Dr Death?! Fucked up! But so good! If you can stand it, definitely watch it. I binged it all in one night lols.

I am rewatching Shameless for the second time, I forgot just how fucked up and good it is lolol. Emmy Rossum still out here making me question my sexuality.

Happy Leo Season!

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Do something special for yourself this week!!! Look after yourselves x

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