this fortnight at rackers co: pt 16


I have decided to start doing these as a fortnightly wrap up because, honestly, my life is not that exciting within a week. Nor is it within a fortnight, but at least it’s easier to think of more content in a larger timeframe lolol.

Honestly slightly baffled by this. It feels like the longest four years of my life, while simultaneously feeling like I started the shop like two months ago? She’s been a journey for sure; starting out on Big Cartel with a small drop of artworks & greeting cards, which opened up the opportunity to start designing logos & brands for people. Along came making jewellery and more art and everything in between! Beyond grateful for everyone who has purchased something, whether in the very beginning, you’re brand new or you’ve been a constant supporter. You’re all part of the magic 🤎

I had a shitload of screentime this fortnight because I decided it was high time I indulged in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before this, I had only seen a couple of MCU movies and was a passive bystander in the understanding of the fandom. (If you know me, you’d know I have passable knowledge of many movies/books without actually seeing or reading them, because I like to read the plot of them on their Wikipedia page. Yes.) Alongside that, I have also been watching Brooklyn 99
(…again), Shameless, and yes, Lizzie McGuire. When do I let my mind rest?! (I don’t.)

I have also been getting all up in my nostalgic feels listening to the Drama Queens podcast. One Tree Hill was one of my teenage staple shows (another one of my rewatch comfort shows), and having the three main women together talking all about it makes me happy every dang week.

I feel 17 again in that much of my spare time has been spent playing Temple Run.

Within the fortnight, I left the whole eight whole times. Who is she?

FINALLY got to watch the final season of Criminal Minds!!! I am so sad it’s over!!! I cried so much but what’s new 😃

Dyed my hair back to my natural colour!!! Bets on how long I let this last.

Words written: 0. But I am in the midst of the first bout of assessments due, so I’m being lenient with myself. As you see with the journal entry above, the amount of coffee I have consumed is probably extremely unhealthy but, some would argue, incredibly necessary.

The next fortnight is when all my first round essays and exams are coming up, pls send all ur positive vibes. Thank u. Look after yourself x

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