the past year at rackers co

When you have been working on something for five years, I think it’s natural to feel a little lost with it when there has been no growth within the past two. I haven’t kept it to myself, rather sharing it on Instagram when I have felt like closing the shop or just being met with a constant uncertainty of my future. Because what is my life if I am not sharing it with you all lol

Just over a week ago, I celebrated five years of Rackers Co.

Over the past year, I have simultaneously had the best week in amount of sales, and had the worst month I have ever had financially. The joys and rollercoaster of running your own business!

I’m still studying away at counselling, and with that I am figuring out what to do next and how I want Rackers Co to be in its fifth year. A focus more on slowing down, on centring yourself, and on self care. I have created beautiful pieces to help you slow down, to connect with yourself. Creating space to create. Nurturing you through your creativity & self care. I sense a slight rebrand coming soon, in time.

I moved down to the coast and I love my sweet little existence in a small town by the sea. It is slow, it is calm, and it is exactly the kind of existence I need at this point in my life.

the end of 2021

Aside from the holiday pieces from the end of last year (some will pop their faces back up for Halloween, Christmas and New Years again), I have launched quite a few pieces that have been absolutely loved, and created some beautiful custom pieces.

artworks created

healing print series / custom illustrations

slow the f down

t-shirt / personalised meditations / tarot readings

slow the f down journal
slow the f down bundle
self-paced digital bundle
slow the f down ebook
slow the f down free ebook
3 x 30 min meditations

zodiac necklaces & keyrings / crystal & zodiac charm necklaces / flower pressed resin pieces / new sunglasses / daily planner booklet / creative writing prompts / Quirky Cup Co / candles / Solune Ave. Jewels

The most sold product:


This is one of my favourite pieces I have ever created, and has been met with nothing but love. Created, designed & handmade by me. With 50 journal prompts to delve deeper with self, colouring in pages & word searches for mindfulness, planners, worksheets, prose & articles, and lined pages for you to jot down your thoughts and ideas; it is a labour of love.

Another year of writing, creating & love from my sweet little Rackers Co-mmunity; I am always & beyond grateful. Much love to you all, and I hope the coming year is even more amazing than the years before.

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