doesn’t this all feel so…

Doesn’t this all feel so…
I so desperately want to say tiring but surely there is a more concise word
The monotony.

We are all searching for the poem, the meme, the post on social media that reflects how we are feeling, yet we desire others to see us as…
Is ‘okay’ enough, or do we want more

We have been doing this for over ten years, the meaning and style changing and yet. The seek for validation always there

Even those who don’t post are scrolling, searching for something and what is it?

Doesn’t this all feel so…
Boring is not the word I want to use but my mind is numb and I can’t explain what I mean

Make engaging content. Make people want to buy what you make. Continue to create even when all you want to do is rest because otherwise you will become lost among all the voices trying to do what you do

Buy this, sell this, here is another ad.

This is what you’re missing, here are the people you used to know, someone else is building an entirely different life to yours but how nice is it that you can keep in touch by a double tap and scroll on?

Doesn’t this all feel so…

And yet.
*Publish post*

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