Oh, hey! You’ve found yourself in the about page. Welcome to our… office?… let me put the kettle on.

*kettle sounds lol*

Rackers was a bit of a happy accident. Initially a blog about life & dealings with grief, it has grown into so much more than I could have ever been dreamed up. No longer just about writing — Rackers is all about being creative; through brand design, handmade jewellery, artwork and inner work in meditation.

Who’s been talking to you this whole time? I am Racquel, aka. owner and designer of Rackers, a 25 year old writer and artist. I have practiced writing since I was a young girl, even publishing my own ‘newspaper’ in the Cubby House of my home with one reader; mum.

Bachelor of Writing, Majoring in Creative Writing & Literature Studies
Certificate in Meditation Teaching
Completely self-taught Graphic Designer + Artist

A little bit woo-woo, a lot of bit fun; I love things like magic & astrology – sun in Gemini & moon in Scorpio (I promise, I am easy to work with), and a Hufflepuff; all I want to do is learn, create & help people. Also I cry a lot. All pieces created in my studio are sold here.

Want to work together to make a brand bursting with creativity and personality? Read through the services we offer, chuck us an email, and let’s have a cuppa.

Contact to collaborate or chat:
email: hello@rackers.co
instagram: “business” rackers.co / “personal” rackoool
pinterest: rackersco
tumblr: rackoool.tumblr.com

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