Ever-evolving, Rackers Co started through a blog about life and dealing with grief, and slowly grew with me as a brand and a person. From learning, endless googling, dabbling in design for other people, Rackers Co is all about being creative; through digital illustration, handmade jewellery, artwork and an online boutique.


Racquel, aka. owner and designer of Rackers, I am a 28 year old writer and artist. I went back to Uni in 2016 to study Bachelor of Writing, Majoring in Creative Writing & Literature Studies; and the idea of having to do Uni and work again stressed me to no end. I started creating digital artwork and painting on anything I could get my hands on, thus rackers.shop, the online boutique, was born. I have practiced writing since I was a young girl, even publishing my own ‘newspaper’ in the Cubby House of my home with one reader; mum. I offer a range of my writing, through the blog, to poetry and personal essay ebooks.

After dealing with a multitude of mental health issues over the years, I leaned into meditation to help calm my mind (also antidepressants). Over time, from the help of medical & mental health professionals, I have wanted to give back to others in the same way they did for me. I have a Certificate in Meditation Teaching, and I am currently studying my Master of Counselling. Care and understanding are of utmost importance when it comes to the courses & tools I create for you on the shop.

A little bit witchy, a lot of bit fun. I love things like magic and astrology – sun and ascendant in Gemini & moon in Scorpio (I promise, I am easy to work with); all I want to do is learn, create and share my magic with other people. My mind is endlessly on the go, even when I am taking time for myself and living slowly. Also I cry a lot. All pieces of magic created in my studio are sold here.

As of 2022, I have ventured even further out of my comfort zone and launched a second business & new home for my jewellery. It is now its very own brand, Solune Ave. Jewels. Named after the sun & the moon, the masculine & feminine, the golden hour as the sun sets and the moon has peaked out. Shop Solune Ave. here.

Read through the services we offer, chuck us an email, and let’s have a cuppa.

Contact to collaborate or chat:
email: hello@rackers.co
instagram: rackers.cosolune.ave
pinterest: rackersco
facebook: rackers.co

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