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Let Yourself Be Fragile

“You’re too fragile for this world.”

They tell you that you need to stop caring, that’s when you’ll be happier. You need to stop worrying and get out of your head.

You’ll live a better life.

Don’t let them forget that the reason you live such an authentic existence is because you let yourself feel everything that comes your way.

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Here Is Your Reminder That The World Is Not Out To Get You

Why me? you cry, as something shitty happens in your life that thousands of other people are going through as well. What did I do? you yell at the sky, blaming every other being but yourself for the way things are working out. Why is the world out to get me?

Instead of saying, why me? Maybe ask…well why not me?

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Does Anyone REALLY Have It Together?

The year is 2018. People around you are getting married, having babies, starting businesses, and you just ate pasta with butter for dinner for the third night in a row. Life is confusing.

No, but I’m serious, does anyone actually have it all together? Like, really?

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Stop Letting Your Ego Take Over

You were dating/seeing/hanging out with someone who excited you. Who didn’t really challenge you but brought fun every time you were together. Who made you laugh, annoyed you only a touch, and made you feel just a little bit special. But there was something missing, and you knew it wasn’t right. You knew they weren’t the one, or simply were not right for the long term. You knew this.

But they got to end it first.

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