And by saying services *we* offer, I do mean me and my dogs. They are an integral part of the process.


The Face of Your Brand, starting at $350AUD. We work together to design your logo; the face of your brand.

The Makeup for Your Face, starting at $750AUD. As the makeup for your face, this is the face of your brand (logo) and all the extras you may need to showcase who you are as a brand.

The Whole Makeover for Your Brand, starting at $1500AUD. This is a great package if you are rebranding or starting from scratch.

The Brand New Brand You, starting at $5500AUD. More than the makeover, this includes everything from the logo to social media mockup design.


Digital portraits, prints, illustrations…

All the sweet stuff. Currently offering custom prints from digital up to A3 in size (larger options coming soon). Small illustrations, tattoo designs, anything magical this way comes. Price depends on service required, starting from $50 for digital files. (Be sure to peep the shop for custom portraits of your pet or you & your people!)

Tattoo Design

Want a new, amazing piece of art on ya body that makes everyone stop and ask about it? Know what you want but don’t know how to design it yourself?
$80 for handlettering & small line art (10x10cm)
$100 for 15x15cm
$150 for 20×20
Continuing up by an hourly rate depending on the size or extensive detail.
Order through here

If you want to make some magic together, or are simply putting feelers out to see what it’s like to work with me – fill out this form below and I will get to you as soon as possible!

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