your people

This sucks to say, hear and feel.

But sometimes, to some people, you are just the flavour of the month. You may be pushed aside when they find a new flavour.
In particular, I am a strawberry sunshine fairy floss rainbow sprinkles flavoured marshmallow; a very much acquired taste. Some prefer just plain old vanilla ice cream, and that’s okay.

You are going to meet people in life and you will have this moment. A moment where you’re like, “Oh, my God. These are my people. I have found my people.”

Everything will be hunky-dory, happy-go-lucky. For a while.
And then it turns out that they, in fact, are not your people at all.
This could happen a month, 6 months, a year, two years… anytime, down the track.
You’ll just end up losing the group of friends, ‘your people’.

Be it time, break ups, unrequited love, unrequited lust, uncontrollable lust (ain’t that a killer), new people, or just simply, and most common; the big revelation, shock horror: people change.

It will hurt for a bit. It may hurt for a while. But then it won’t, and you’ll meet new people. Maybe you’ll find a big group, and fit right in, and you really will have found your people.

Or maybe, along the way, you’ll be lucky enough like me.
You’ll have your people.
They may not be what you envisioned, or what you envy, or what you think you lack. Not a big group that hangs out at the local coffee shop all day (when the fuck are the FRIENDS cast ever at work?), but they’ll be yours.

You don’t have to keep in contact every day, every week, or even every fortnight. You understand that time and adulthood gets in the way. That life gets in the way.

You’ll have the ones overseas, the ones across the country, in other states… the ones down the road, in your very own home, the ones you’re convinced are your soul mates. The ones who know your demons, your secrets, you at your absolute worst. Hell, even the ones on the internet. (Shout out to ma instababes).

You’ll pick them up along the way and you will always be their flavour.
And they will always be your people.

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