this week at rackers co: pt 6

I’ll tell you when the perfect time is for grocery shopping — Saturday night. Most people are doing exciting things, you know, having a life. But I did a massive (much needed) grocery shop at 7pm on a Saturday night and I was able to roam free with only a few other souls in the shop. This is when I found the brioche bagels, and my gosh. Absolute game changer. Delicious. My stomach hurts almost constantly but it is so worth it.

Dyed my hair an ashy blonde and it has started to lighten again after just one wash lol.

My sleeping pattern is whacko again. I was asleep all night on Saturday night and fell asleep just before 10am on Sunday morning… The Criminal Minds marathon has continued and honestly I feel safer sleeping through the day. Logical? No. Will still do so? Yes.

Words written in book: 0… I even got a Wildflower candle to light when writing my book; the wick remains untouched.

Plants bought: 1.

Finally added the new products to the shop! I have many more coming so hopefully I will be able to sort out some sort of plan — that of which I will let you know, so you can be prepared for a big launch or a bunch of small ones — but here are some of the new beauties ready to shop:


  • 4 new A/W 21 sunglasses styles
  • OAK Magazine issues 7 & 9
  • OAK Care Bundle
  • Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

Time to learn! Create! Embrace the chaos!

Shop Gemini Prints Here

The last week of being 26 and I am genuinely confused. I don’t mind getting older as I view it as a privilege, but… 27? How? When? Where does time go? What is time? The existential crises continue. Look after yourselves and maybe try not to also get into a whirlwind of questioning your entire life x

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