rackers’ life tips: part 18

1. You know what they say when you assume. Ya make an ass outta u and me.

2. You can never be overdressed or overeducated.

3. When you write in your tinder bio, “Is there anyone in Canberra who’s not a rank bitch?” You are literally losing your chances to meet these people. There are plenty, you just don’t deserve to know them. *swipes left*

4. The only person you should be competing with is yourself (sassy gal emoji).

5. The moment you realise that not one single human has an obligation to conform to your expectations, is the moment you set yourself free. (Soarin, flyin, there’s not a star in heaven that you can’t reach).

6. Rip out his ego with your fresh manicure, sista. (Sassy paintin nails emoji).

7. Duuuude. Eat so much broccoli. Just eat it, man. Not only is it nutritious and delicious (apparently helps fight cancer!!!) but it’s like lil trees! Who doesn’t like eating like a giant?! (I also love little vodka bottles for this very reason)

8. You know, obviously we’re on this earth cause of our parents. And majority of us want to make them proud. You also want to make your friends, colleagues, employers, old teachers, yada yada… proud. But I think a lot of people lose sight of who is most important to make proud. And das yourself, y’all.

9. Stop breaking your own heart by exaggerating your place in other people’s lives (!!!)

10. People preach that the purpose of life is changing. But I think the purpose of life will always stay the same, I just think peoples interpretations are changing. It used to be about family, status and power. Just in a different context to now. People are hungry for status and power now, whether it just be in their workplace, in their community or in the world. But family. Family and love, that’s the purpose isn’t it? Not necessarily just one single person, though. Loving yourself. I think that’s the biggest purpose. Because when you can love yourself, you can love those surrounding you.
Some people learn to love themselves by being loved.
Some people learn to love by having to love themselves first.
Some people love their families, their animals, their careers.
Whatever box your love comes in.
Just, let love win.

One response to “rackers’ life tips: part 18”

  1. I would swear you’ve been on this earth before. Yr brain must race!!! What u know, sometimes takes a lifetime for ppl to learn…………..& u can rattle it off at 23!! 😁😁


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