rackers’ life tips: part 27

  1. You don’t have to be in constant contact with someone to consider them a friend. Time and place means nothing as long as you are there for each other when one reaches out.
  2. If you’re going out with even the slightest inkling to hook up with someone – take condoms. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. And it does not seem assuming; it seems responsible.
  3. Is there any part of your actions that makes you wonder if what you are doing is hurting someone else? If so – why the fuck are you doing it?
  4. Pay. Your. Invoices. Did you get someone else to do work for you/create something for you/use their abilities for you? You owe them for their time, even if you didn’t use what they created for you in the end. You wouldn’t see someone get their hair done, decide they didn’t like it, and walk out without paying. Same goes for any work.
  5. As per previous blog post – just because you personally could not see yourself having an abortion, does not automatically make you “pro-life”. Allowing other women the choice is the crux here.
  6. Grief does not have to be masked by strength. Try to reword your condolences to those you know are going through a shit time. Take away and pull apart the idea that you have to be “strong” in hard times; that is what has led to a society afraid of being seen as weak and not speaking up.
  7. “The little unremembered acts of kindness and love are the best parts of a person’s life.” – William Wordsworth. It’s the small acts of kindness – it makes your day & theirs. It’s nice to be kind.
  8. Commitment is what matters, not motivation. As long as you show up every day, you will make it far. You can’t be on all the time. And even if you’re not making enough money to really live on just yet, trust me, it will come as long as you keep trying.
  9. Don’t use one source for your news. Find multiple ways and voices to inform your opinions. No matter what, media will be slightly bias – you will be hard pressed to find anywhere that doesn’t lean a certain way. Stop relying on everyone else to tell you how you should be thinking; learn for yourself. I had a friend who listened to one particular speaker about issues the country was facing two years ago, so he thought he was right. But he didn’t listen to anyone else and refused to take in other opinions. This does not a forward country make.
  10. Mind your business and let everyone else run theirs.

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